The Do’s and Don’ts of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is fast becoming the largest digital marketing platform in the world, with business spending over $96 billion on their Google AdWords campaigns in 2017. Pay-Per-Click advertising can be difficult platform to navigate for businesses that have traditionally used more conventional advertising methods such as print, EDM and direct marketing. That is why we’ve created a list of some of the most important Do’s and Don’ts of Google AdWords.


Do Your Keyword Research

Doing significant keyword research prior to deciding which keyword phrases to target with your campaign is imperative. The Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a fantastic, free to use tool that produces significant and detailed information that will be important to the success of your campaigns.  When done right the research will produce results you hadn’t expected and will expose opportunities you never knew existed.


Don’t Be Distracted By Volume

Choosing keywords purely by their search volume is a trap many Google AdWords novices fall into. Although selecting keywords or phrases with the highest amount of monthly searches is tempting, there are significant drawbacks to ignoring other, more important elements. Factors such as competition and relevance need to be accounted for when choosing keywords.


Do Utilise Remarketing

Users may visit your site. They may see a product that they really like. They may even place your product in their shopping cart before choosing to navigate away from your website. Don’t give up! Google Retargeting is an effective way to re-engage previous visitors who might have been on the previously been on the fence about making a purchase.


Don’t Ignore Your Quality Score

Your ads Quality Score is a direct indication of the relevance and quality of your ad. Google measures this to determine if your ad is actually useful to the customer, and if clicking on it takes them to the page that they are looking to visit. The higher the quality score, the better it is for your business. Even if your competitor’s maximum bid is higher than yours, your ad will appear above theirs provided your quality score is better. Some factors which govern your ads Quality Score include account performance, the relevance of ad, the Click-through-Rate and past performance.


Do Analyse Your Data

One of the greatest benefits of using Google AdWords as your pay per click advertising platform is the vast amount of data it collects. This information allows you to identify which keywords are the most profitable, and optimize your website and landing pages to entice organic traffic.


Don’t Be Hasty

Oftentimes businesses pull the plug on their Google AdWords campaigns too early in the process. Google AdWords uses complicated machine learning algorithms to place your ads in front of users it has determine most likely to find your ad appealing to their search goals. Evaluating the performance of a new campaign can take up to 6 months, which is why we recommend committing to your PPC strategy for at least this time period – otherwise you might end up missing out on what could have been one of the most successful elements of your marketing mix.

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