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No matter whether your business is new or old, big or small, you cannot ignore the importance of marketing in business success. Implementing an effective and considered marketing strategy can help you expand and your current customer base, increase visibility and strengthen your brand. The Schaefer Group presents: five simple ways to market your business.


1. Get on Google My Business

When it comes to online visibility, look no further than Google. You must ensure that you create a free listing on Google My Business. This listing needs to include all the important details such as your business name, address, phone number, trading hours, photos and directions. When someone searches for your business, the listing for your business will appear at the top of the search. This will allow customers to obtain all the information that they need in order to contact or visit you, making your business more accessible to potential customers and clients.


2. Run a competition

Competitions are a great way to attract new customers to your business. Furthermore, competitions are a fantastic way to obtain new email addresses to add to your e-newsletter database. The winner/s preferably should receive products or services from your business in order to showcase your offering. Competitions can be promoted in a variety of ways such as in-store, on your website, in blogs and e-newsletters and on social media, with the winner being included in subsequent coverage.


3. Use social media

In the past, businesses were told to jump onto every social media platform they could get their hands on. These days, the mindset has changed to finding the social media outlets that can best market your business. For an Art Gallery, this may be Pinterest to take advantage of the visual nature of the platform. Cafes may be best suited to Instagram or Facebook to make the most of community building and posting regular special offers. Conversely, an accountant may find more benefits investing time into LinkedIn to expand their business networks or to post regular articles to position themselves as a thought leader.

No matter the platform, businesses must set aside time to both ask and answer questions, and to initiate conversations. The key to getting the most out of Social Media is just that, being social. Sharing both original and curated quality content will help market your product to customers but more importantly, allow you to engage with them.


4. Form partnerships

Partnering with businesses that you know and respect is a great way to build your network and market yourself in turn. If you run a gym for example, think of businesses that fit your circle that you can connect with. You may want to approach local cafes, health food stores to create a referral network.


5. Advertise

Using the traditional marketing approach of advertising may be old hat, but when done correctly and through the right channels, it can really make an impact. Consider a spot in the local paper, a Google AdWords campaign, a targeted advertising display on your preferred social media platform or listing your business in a local or online directory. It’s important to first consider your specific target audience and then discover the best way to reach them. And as always, measure your results in order to determine whether the ROI is worth the spend.


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